Electrical devices have become a part of everyday life. Items such as cell phones, computers, iPads and more are now essentials instead of luxuries. Protecting these expensive items is at the top of everyone’s priority list. South Florida residents are especially nervous about protecting their electronics due to the sudden thunderstorms and harsh weather causing power outages. Continue reading below to find out how to protect your devices.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are also known as a surge diverter or surge suppressor. It is a beneficial device that was created to protect electrical items from voltage spikes, especially those common with thunderstorms. The surge protector is designed to limit voltage by preventing unwanted surges and keeping voltages in a safe threshold.

What You Need To Know About Surge Protectors

• They Are Not All The Same – Anyone can get confused between a surge protector and a standard power strip. Power strips look very similar to surge protectors. However, they are usually inexpensive and provide a multi-outlet option compared to the wall outlet. They generally contain a low level of protection from electrical surges. Surge protectors provide a level of protection against surges that power strips don’t offer. • They Offer a Warranty – When you purchase a surge protector you need to read the details carefully to assure you are getting a high-quality product. Some surge protector manufacturers offer a warranty. During your purchase, you want to look for details such as “If your electronic device is damaged when properly connected to the surge protector the manufacturer will replace it up to a certain amount of money.” • They Have Expiration Dates – All surge protectors contain a specific amount of protection. For example, a protector usually contains at least 1,000 joules, which means it can withstand up to 10 one hundred joule hits. If you live in an area that is prone to power surges, you will have to replace your surge protector regularly to assure it is working properly. Protecting your electronic devices doesn’t have to be complicated. You can begin with familiarizing yourself with the warranty’s the manufacturers of your devices offer. You can also inquire if your homeowner’s insurance offers coverage for damage to electronic devices due to electrical surges. Investing in a surge protector is highly recommended for everyone.