The central intelligence of your home is the electrical service panel, also known as the breaker box or control panel. It contains circuit breakers that act as the systems main safety device. The service panel delivers the electrical current from the power company to the circuits running within your home. If this panel doesn’t work properly your entire home will be affected.


The following are reasons you should consider replacing the service panel.

Water Damage – The main signs your service panel has been negatively affected by water damage are rust and the appearance of corrosion on metal parts and wiring. This usually occurs when drainage issues or water leaks caused moisture near or inside the service panel. If you notice water damage on the wall surrounding the panel or visible signs of corrosion or rust, contact a professional immediately. • Faulty Wiring – Homeowners purchase their new homes without much thought about the service panel. Previous owners might have created hazards such as loose wires and over-sized breakers and other code violations. While these are serious issues, a professional electrician can easily fix the problem. • Overcrowded Panel – Service panels are designed to have a maximum power rating and limited space for breakers. Fuse style service panels generally have 60 amps of power. This type of service panel is often found in older homes. Homeowners that have upgraded their appliances or completed renovations are encouraged to update their service panel to 200-amps. This will prevent the circuits from overloading in the future. • Poor Manufacturing – If you have a Federal Pacific Electric service panel you are highly encouraged to replace it immediately. This manufacturer is known to provide customers with panels that include the following issues, improper installation, breakers falling out of place and breakers failing to trip when necessary. Service panel issues should always be handled with care. This is not a DIY project that you want to tackle on your own. Electric components and parts are dangerous and can lead to electrocution. Contact an electrician at the first sign of problems or signs of water damage and corrosion. Do not touch or try to clean the panel at any time.


Poorly wired and overloaded service panels can lead to a fire. This issue strikes fear into homeowners throughout South Florida. Carefully take a look at your service panel to see if there are any visible signs of damage. If your lights flicker frequently or there is a burning smell, contact an electrician today!