Homeowners take pride in caring for their yard and landscaping. Yards that contain large trees often grow close to power lines. This can be a dangerous situation for homeowners. Generally, the idea is to trim the trees so it doesn’t interfere with power lines. However, this is actually very dangerous for homeowners to do as a DIY project. The following details will explain more. High voltage power lines can cause injury or death if a person comes into contact with them. Tree limbs that are in contact with power lines have the capability of acting as conductors and causing serious injury. Due to the risk of injury homeowners are encouraged to stay at least 10 feet away from tree limbs that are in contact with high voltage lines. Homeowners often don’t realize the difference between high voltage and low voltage power lines. The best way to separate the two is the low voltage line generally, runs from the meter to the pole. If you notice tree branches growing close to 10 feet away from power lines you should contact your electric company immediately. If you notice the power lines are sparking you should call 9-1-1 immediately. This is a serious matter that should be reported and resolved before someone gets hurt. Human contact with power lines is the source of many electrocutions and shock injuries. Homeowners suddenly are shocked during the tree trimming process. Hiring a landscaping service is recommended for homeowners. Landscapers are professionals and know how to carefully navigate around power lines. They will also keep you up to date with actions that need to be taken to take care of the trees. As a homeowner, you should not trim around your homes power lines for safety reasons. The best preventative measure is to keep trees trimmed on a regular basis and make sure all branches are more than 10 feet away from power lines. If you are not sure if the tree limbs are far enough away, play it safe and contact the electric company for further assistance. South Florida residents are familiar with sudden thunderstorms and strong winds damaging their trees. The popular time for injury due to power lines is after a storm as everyone begins to clean up debris and trim trees. If you see a neighbor or friend getting close to a power line warn them to stay away and contact a landscaping service for further assistance.