There comes a time when homeowners will experience dealing with faulty or frayed wiring. Frayed wires usually are the result of a small rodent chewing on them and causing damage. Frayed wires can be a cause for alarm because it has the potential of leading to a fire. If you have frayed wires you should replace or repair them immediately. The following suggestions will guide you through the process. • Regularly Check Wires – If you are one of those people that never move your furniture or lamps, you might not know you have frayed wires. Try to check all the cords in your house on a monthly basis. • Replace Wires – The best option is to replace the faulty wiring. This means if a rodent has chewed through the cord of your favorite lamp you either need to purchase a new lamp or contact an electrician to properly replace the wiring. • Quick Fixes – Most homeowners will reach for a quick fix such as electrical tape. This might work for a short time, but it is also a potential fire hazard. Frayed wires can also occur due to excessive use. One popular item that is at risk is cell phone chargers. This essential item is often used numerous times on a daily basis. People often bring cell phone chargers in their pocket, purse, backpack, travel bags and more. There are even convenient charging posts at malls.

To help prevent frayed wires and damage to your cell phone charger try the following tips.

• Electrical Tape – The most delicate part of a cell phone charger is the part that connects your phone to the charger. This small piece often falls apart and exposes wires. Use electrical tape to secure it and prolong the life of your cell phone charger. • Plastic Covers – Use a plastic zip lock bag to protect the charger from the weather. Water is a true enemy of cell phone chargers and should be avoided. Frayed wires can spark, get overheated and cause damage. Ignoring the problem will only cause more issues. It can also get to a point where the device doesn’t work anymore. Trying a DIY project to fix frayed wires can be dangerous. If you decide to keep the item and repair the frayed wires, a professional electrician is recommended. They will fix the wires properly and allow you to have continued long term use without fear of fire or damage.