The U.S. Census Bureau has reported that more than half of homes were constructed during or before the 1970’s. This means there’s a possibility your electrical panel might not be able to handle today’s electrical conveniences. Most homes today have a television in every room, computers, stereos, video equipment and more. This is a lot more modern conveniences compared to the 1970’s and 1980’s. Due to this fact, homeowners often wonder if their electrical panel is safe.

Is your panel a fire hazard?

Between 1950 and the 1980’s millions of Federal Pacific Electric circuit breaker panels were installed in homes across North America. If your home was built during this time frame chances are you have this type of circuit breaker panel. Home inspectors and electricians have reported over the years that these panels short circuit, become overheated and often are the cause of a fire in homes across America. The electrical panel is the heart of your home. If it isn’t working correctly you will have power problems that can become dangerous. The Federal Pacific Electric circuit breaker panels have become known as potential fire hazards. This situation is taken seriously and most insurance companies won’t insure your home if it has one installed. As a homeowner, you need to protect your investment and your family from fire. The following steps will guide you to a safer home. • Find out what year your house was built – Your house documents and plans should reveal the year your house was built. If you have a difficult time locating this information you can contact your local zoning department or order copies of paperwork related to your home. • Determine what type electrical panel is installed in your home – Take a look at your electrical panel. Generally, most panels have the name of the panel marked in plain sight. • Contact an electrician for assistance if you don’t know the panel type – If you can’t determine the type of panel make an appointment with an electrician so they can determine the style and type. If your home has an old panel installed you might have to replace it. This job is extremely dangerous and best left up to a professional. This is not the type of home improvement project that will get done easily with a DIY project.


Remember electricity is dangerous and can cause electrocution. Also, if it’s not installed properly it can cause a serious fire to your home. Contact an electrician today for assistance!