It’s hot in here! South Florida residents live in paradise which also exposes them to extremely hot temperatures throughout the year. Homeowners often wonder how to stay cool and keep their electric bill as low as possible. There is an ongoing debate whether it’s more efficient to run the air conditioner or use the ceiling fan. The following information will help clear up the mystery.


The Secret Formula Revealed

• Set your air conditioner thermostat at 78 degrees while you are at home • Turn your ceiling fan on medium or high • Set the ceiling fan so the blades circulate counter-clockwise • Turn the air conditioner thermostat to 82 degrees when you leave home • Turn the ceiling fan off when you leave home Keep in mind that you can save about 5% with every one degree you increase in temperature.

Air Conditioner vs. Ceiling Fan

Instead of trying to choose between using the air conditioner or the ceiling fan, focus on using them both. Allowing both options to work together to keep your home cool will help to lower your electric bill. If you try the secret formula mentioned above and your electric bill doesn’t show any signs of decreasing have your air conditioner inspected for problems.

Factors to Consider

The estimated amount of money you save every month will depend on a variety of factors such as the one’s listed below. • The amount is costs to run your air conditioner – Homes come in a variety of different sizes. The air conditioner model and amount of energy it needs to work properly depends on the size of your home. Make sure your air conditioner is best suited to cool your home. Some homes might have an air conditioner that is not efficient for the size of the home. Consult with a professional to assure you have the right model. • The level your home is insulated – Insulation is essential to keep your home cool. Upgrade the insulation if necessary. • The temperature of the thermostat – You have control over the thermostat. The higher the temperature the better for your power bill. The ceiling fan is created to complement the air conditioner. Always keep in mind that a ceiling fan will not lower the temperature in the room, but the air conditioner does. Carefully coordinating the use of both will guide you to savings on your electric bill.