What was that? Did your lights just flicker?

The flickering light is a normal occurrence in South Florida. Generally, it is due to local thunderstorms causing disturbances in electrical power. However, if your lights are flickering on a perfect weather day, it could be a sign of a more serious situation. Is loose wiring the cause? Loose electrical wires are the main cause for flickering lights in your house. They are also the main cause of house fires in the United States. As a homeowner, it might take time to notice the lights are consistently flickering. There is a safe and quick way to check for loose wiring. Follow the tips below. • Shut off the circuit breaker that controls the specific light that is flickering • Remove the fixture to check the wiring • Look closely at the wires to see if any are loose • Do not touch loose wires • Call an electrician for further assistance Flickering lights can also be caused by damaged items in your home. For example, you might have one lamp that flickers on occasion. This is a sign that the lamp could be old or have electrical issues. If you find that the flickering is being caused by a damaged or old lamp, you can get it repaired or purchase a new one. Before you throw away your lamps or investigate your home for loose wires, speak to your neighbors. Ask a few of your neighbors if they are experiencing the same problems with their lights. It is recommended to ask a few of them instead of only one neighbor. Sometimes people don’t pay attention to flickering lights, especially if it’s subtle or happens when they aren’t home. If two or more of your neighbors mention their lights flicker also it’s safe to assume it’s an issue originating with the local electric company. To confirm the issue is with the power company contact Florida Power and Light. They usually provide general information regarding local issues including how long it will take to be fixed. Once the problem is repaired the issue should stop. If your lights continue to flicker it is most likely an electrical issue within your home. You should take immediate action to handle the situation. First, check with your neighbors then check your home for loose wiring. Contacting a licensed electrician is highly recommended. The electrician will confirm any issues, discuss the repairs and provide you with options. Remember loose wiring can create a spark that can lead to a fire. Contact an electrician today to protect your home.