The clothes dryer is an essential part of a home. The days of hanging clothes outdoors to dry are gone. Most homes have dryers that easily handle several loads of laundry daily or weekly. When the dryer isn’t heating properly it can become frustrating for homeowners. Below is a list of common dryer issues that will help you determine why your dryer is not heating properly.


  • Heating Element – The heating element in electric dryers is responsible for generating the heat. A coil that is enclosed in a metal chamber has an electric current flowing through it. The air pulls through the metal chamber and absorbs the heat. If the coil is not heated properly it causes the dryer not to dry clothes.
  • High Limit Thermostat – The heating chamber has a high limit thermostat mounted to it. The thermostat is designed to prevent overheating when the exhaust vent is restricted. If your dryer has a restricted vent, the thermostat will activate and interrupt the circuit to the heating element, causing the dryer not to heat properly. In this case, the restricted vent or thermostat being replaced will fix the issue.
  • Cycling Thermostat – The cycling thermostat differs from the high limit thermostat because it controls the temperature inside the drum of the dryer. The cycling thermostat is designed to maintain the correct amount of heat by controlling the heating element by switching it on and off. The cycling thermostat becomes defective over time and requires replacement.
  • The Timer – The timer is located in the control console of most dryer models. It has a small motor that is connected to a variety of gears. The timer controls the heat circuit and motor. A defective timer can cause the dryer to stop producing heat. Replacement of the timer will solve the issue.
  • Old Dryers – Some dryers are old models that are not available in stores any longer. These trustworthy machines definitely exceeded their lifetime expectations. Eventually, old dryers require replacement parts that are not available any longer. In this case, you might need to purchase a new dryer.

There are many components involved in heating a dryer. Most issues can be repaired or replaced by a professional. If you notice a burning smell or visible signs of smoke you should turn the breaker switch that is linked to the dryer off immediately. A skilled electrician will conduct an inspection and determine the cause of the issue. Contact an electrician immediately for further assistance.