One thing that is a constant with living in Florida is water—whether you live near the ocean, are being hit with an afternoon storm, or love spending days out in your backyard pool. When it comes to your electrical system, water and electricity are a dangerous combination, and it’s important to have a safety measure in place to reduce the risk of electrical shock to you or your loved ones.

Ground fault interrupters are one of the most common (and required!) home features to reduce the risk of electrical shock, and understanding what they are and why they are important is essential for any homeowner. At Miami Electric Masters, our certified Miami electricians are not only committed to expert service but also to customer education, and we believe that a solid understanding of your home’s electrical system is one of the best ways to prevent an accident from occurring.

The Safety Purposes and Function of a GFI

You likely already have several GFI outlets in your home—you just may not have noticed them! Common in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas, ground fault interrupters work by monitoring the electricity within a circuit and switching the power off if an issue arises. Contact with water isn’t the only reason for GFI outlets either! These outlets can also prevent serious or fatal shock by turning off the power when an appliance short circuits or the overall system of your home is faulty.

Ground fault interrupters are so effective, in fact, that the Electrical Safety Foundation International has found that they have reduced the number of home electrocutions by half—making them a cost-effective, invaluable tool for keeping your household safe in any situation.

Trusted Miami Electricians With GFI Experience

Whether you need additional GFIs installed or you are having an issue with an outdated or faulty outlet, hiring a reputable team of certified Miami electricians is essential for safe, fast service. Miami Electric Masters is proud to offer industry-leading Miami ground fault interrupter services to homeowners throughout the region, and you’ll be surprised at how affordable this simple safety measure can be! We even offer 24/7 services, so you know that we’ll be there when you need us with expert solutions for your home’s electrical system.

To learn more about how you can protect your family with installation and maintenance of your home’s GFIs, just give us a call today! Our friendly team would be happy to discuss your situation and advise you on the best ways to minimize household electrical shock risk—at a price that doesn’t break the bank.