Why and How You Should Be Using Miami Accent Lighting

Are you bored by the flat, one-dimensional look of your home’s interior or exterior?If you’re tempted to tear everything out and start over from the ground up, you may be surprised to learn that you can make a dramatic upgrade with just a few key changes in one aspect of your homeaccent lighting.

Keep reading to learn more about Miami accent lighting and get helpful tips for incorporating this feature effectively! 

What Is Accent Lighting?

In any property, there are three basic types of lighting, each of which fulfills a unique purpose:

1. Ambient lighting provides general illumination for an entire space and often consists of overhead lights. 

2. Task lighting is built to guide regular routines in specific areas, like reading at a desk or preparing food on a countertop

3. Accent lighting is used to draw the eye to a particular feature, such as a piece of artwork or a collection of photographs. This type of lighting not only adds a sense of contrast but gives a natural focal point to emphasize the most striking features of a space.

While most Miami homes come with built-in ambient and task lighting, they fail to take advantage of outdoor and indoor accent lighting—leaving the property with adequate illumination but an overall sense of flatness and dullness.

How Do I Use Indoor and Outdoor Accent Lighting?

If you’re interested in quickly boosting the style of your Miami home, the good news is this: accent lighting is easy to add to any space! By simply placing the right type of light in the right place, you can turn your standard home into something straight out of the pages of a remodeling magazine.

Not sure where to get started? Follow these basic tips for your Miami accent lighting:

  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each area of your home, and use this information to decide which areas to highlight and which to hide.
  • Utilize up-lighting along walls to illuminate vaulted ceilings inside or beautiful brickwork and landscaping outside.
  • Highlight items on shelves or in display cabinets (like artwork, floral arrangements, or tableware) with focused beams or track lighting.
  • Add a dramatic glow to your home with LED backlighting behind furniture and TVs, under cabinets, or beneath stair steps.
Design Your Outdoor or Indoor Accent Lighting With the Help of Experts

The best way to illuminate your home with style is to work with skilled lighting designers who know exactly which light to place where—something in which we at Miami Electric Masters excel! Our Miami accent lighting team has years of experience and a wide product selection to bring that creative, luxurious touch to any interior or exterior space. 

Learn more about our many accent lighting options by calling us today, or request a free design consultation and cost estimate through our online form now!