There are few things more exciting to a homeowner than nearing the end of a much-anticipated home remodeling project, whether you’re adding a brand-new room to your home, expanding the space in your main living area, or upgrading your garage space. While choosing all of the elements that go into the initial design of your remodel is both exciting and overwhelming, there is one factor that you don’t want to overlook—your electrical system!

Electrical Sub Panels

Home electrical systems are designed to handle the current set-up of your property, and adding on to your house can easily lead to an overloaded circuit breaker unless you take a few extra precautions. At Miami Electric Masters, our job isn’t just to ensure that you get the Miami electrical services you need, but also to provide valuable information that can save you a lot of hassle with your electric system down the road.

As one of the most essential systems for keeping your current space—and new addition—in fully functional condition, it is wise to consider adding Miami sub-panels to your electrical set-up. While this may seem overwhelming, we’re a professional electrical remodeling company that can complete the work quickly and affordably by providing sub-panel services that offer many benefits:

  • Increased Safety: An overloaded circuit breaker can become a major fire hazard in your home, and properly installed sub-panels ensure that your system is working efficiently without the risk to your loved ones.
  • Up-to-Code Additions: Installing a sub-panel isn’t a DIY job, and there are several factors to consider to ensure your remodeling project is up to code. Miami Electric Masters can ensure that your new remodel meets all industry standards and effectively powers your space.
  • Proper Installation: Your new sub-panel needs to be installed in the right place, under the right circumstances, with consideration to moisture, space clearance, and easy access in case maintenance is required.
  • Customized Electric Solutions: By offering custom home electrical installations, the Miami Electric Masters team will work with you to determine the ideal size and set-up of your sub-panels so you get the power you need—exactly where you need it.  

Sub-panels are the perfect solutions for homeowners looking to expand their properties during a home remodel, and Miami Electric Masters is the company you can count on to ensure that your project gets the perfect finishing touch. Call us today to ask about our custom home electrical installations, or fill out our online form to request your free estimate now!