As the sun sets on your Miami home and landscape, do you retreat indoors until is rises again because you’re left in the dark? With landscape lighting, your dark outdoor space is transformed into a evening oasis—perfect for relaxing and entertaining! A flip of a switch instantlyhighlights your home’s best features, brings attention your luscious landscape, and creates functional spaces specifically-designed to be enjoyed after nightfall. 

Let’s explore the various types of landscape lighting and ways to use them to liven up your outdoor Miami space:

Garden Lights

With illuminated canopies set atop posts, garden lights reflect light down into your Miami garden beds and can also be used to mark pathways. When used as prominent features, the style and finish of the light becomes part of the display.

  • Best Uses: Place garden lights in your planting beds 20 feet or more apart, and the light will guide your eye from one plant to another.

Wash Lights

As the name denotes, wash lights produce soft, diffused light, and are often used in conjunction with other types of lights to fill in gaps.

  • Best Uses: Brighten flat facades, privacy fencing, and garden walls, or combine with other lights to accentuate major focal points.

Bullet Lights

These compact lights with a narrow beam bring out the texture of your Miami landscape or hardscape features. When used in a pair, crossing the beams reduces shadows.

  • Best Uses: Emphasize corners or architectural features of your house, focal points such as fountains or benches, up tree trunks into the foliage, and texture on garden structures.

Well Lights

Nestled in the ground and encased inside a waterproof housing, well lights are perfect for illuminating a feature without the worry of a protruding fixture. Common bulb options are fixed or swivel.

  • Best Uses: Highlight the underside of foliage in garden beds, light tree trunks, and bring out texture on walls or focal points.

Down Lights

Down lights are generally placed in trees to create a moonlit effect. For long-lasting down lights with minimal maintenance, choose a durable housing and LED bulbs.

  • Best Uses:Locate down lightshigh on a tree trunk or branchpointing down onto a lawn, pathway, or the tree’s foliage.

Flood Lights

For large areas or elements where a wide beam of more than 40 degrees is preferred, flood lights provide a wide, bright light. 

  • Best Uses: Because of their reach and brightness, flood lights should be used sparingly for tall Miami trees, large focal points such as monuments, or wide house facades.

As a leading landscape lighting company, Miami Electric Masters can design a custom outdoor landscape lighting system for your property—large or small— that incorporates functionality, durability, and safety using the highest-quality materials and techniques in the industry. To learn more about our Miami electrical services, give us a call today or fill out our online for to request a free consultation!