Are you frustrated by a glitchy wall outlet? Do you worry about those repeated zaps from the light switch? When a problem is recurring, it can be difficult to tell whether it is a potentially dangerous situation or something minor. For your sake and your home's electrical safety, Miami Electric Masters has put together a list of times when you need to call out the electrician to repair a dangerous wiring or electrical issue.

Problems with the Electrical Panels

Electrical panels, or 'breaker boxes', split the electricity that enters your home up and sends it along various circuits to power different areas of your property, such as the kitchen or bathrooms. It also acts as a failsafe, shutting off power to any area when there is a dangerous power surge in order to protect the wiring. When you start having problems with the breaker box, it is definitely time to call in the electrician. This isn't an area to attempt a DIY project as you can electrocute yourself. Some of the signs of a damaged breaker box to watch out for include:

  • Burning smell coming from the box
  • Buzzing sound around the box
  • Breakers are repeatedly tripping for no reason

Problems with Fixtures

When your light bulbs keep flickering, even though you've replaced them with new ones, it's a sign that there is something wrong in the wiring. This becomes even more worrisome when you notice buzzing noises, smell burning, or feel excessive heat coming from the fixture. In fact, if there is a burning smell that you can't identify in any room, you might want to switch off the breaker to that entire room until a qualified electrician can check the wiring.

Getting Shocked by Outlets & Wall Switches

It's normal to feel a light electrical shock when you touch something after shuffling across the carpet in your woolen socks. It's not normal to feel a zap every time you touch a certain switch, wall outlet, or light fixture. This can mean that there is an exposed or loose wire that is a fire hazard. You should also be concerned if there is a bright spark whenever you go to plug something into a wall outlet, as this can mean that there a loose wire somewhere inside the outlet.

Whether you suspect a problem or you can see a need for local Miami electrical services, it's important to act now rather than later. Potential electrical hazards do sometimes turn into fires. Make sure your home is safe by calling Miami Electric Masters or filling out our online form to schedule your inspection or repair service today!