When you’re looking for local electricians serving the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area, you’re sure to find a few buzz terms here and there. NTEA membership might be one of them. Miami Electric Masters are proud NTEA members, but what does this mean for you? How does this membership allow us to better serve our customers? 

We are glad to share what NTEA stands for, and most importantly, how this partnership promotes better customer experience. 

What is NTEA? 

NTEA is The Association for the Work Truck Industry. This association was established in 1964 as an ally for companies that manufacture, distribute, install, sell, and repair commercial trucks, trailers, and related equipment. NTEA creates important relationships between all parties to ensure product quality, meeting the unique demands of commercial vehicles. This association also provides important education, technical information, and various member programs. 

What are the Benefits of NTEA Membership? 

Membership with the NTEA provides a wide range of benefits. For example, an NTEA member can contact an industry expert for reliable technical support if they experience problems with their service vehicle. Members also benefit from government advocacy, workforce development, market data, industry-leading training resources, and a variety of business solutions. 

If you work in the commercial truck industry, NTEA membership helps you stay updated on industry best practices while providing strong support for business growth, customer service, and more. 

How Does NTEA Membership Serve Customers? 

NTEA membership provides Miami Electric Masters with the best service trucks in the industry. That means when you call us, we arrive quickly with everything needed to handle your problem. Our trucks are clean, organized, stocked with quality products, and put to work for you by our trained technicians. That means you get: 

  • Fast response to any electrical emergency 
  • Immediate service; no waiting on parts to be ordered 
  • Reliable products for the best quality and value 
  • Affordable pricing and courteous customer service 

At Miami Electric Masters, we take pride in our reputation as local electricians Miami and Fort Lauderdale can trust—and our membership with NTEA allows us to exceed customer expectations with state-of-the-art service trucks, training, and on-going support! Check out a virtual tour of our trucks and see what we are all about! Click here!