Even the most avid DIY home improvement enthusiasts will agree that most things electrical should be left to a professional for best results. Very few homeowners have a solid understanding of how electrical appliances, connections, and other important circuits work within the home—and even fewer of them are capable of tackling the often dangerous and complicated repairs and replacements that many home features require.

At Miami Electric Masters, we’re always ready to help homeowners learn everything they should know about maintaining a perfectly functional, safe, and energy-efficient home. If you’re experiencing an electrical issue in your home and are unsure of whether or not you should call a professional or take care of it yourself, don’t hesitate to contact us or another electrical authority in your area right away to learn what to do next.In this article, we’re going over some of the most common household issues that you might be experiencing in your home. While some of these might seem simple enough to fix on your own, leaving it to the experts is your best bet to staying safe and experiencing the joy of a well-maintained home for years to come.

Installing Additional Power Outlets

It may seem simple enough, but installing a new outlet in your home can be extremely dangerous. Power outlets are complicated systems and sometimes require installing a brand-new circuit in order to run properly. Improper installation can result in serious injury, fires, and other safety issues, which is why they’re not recommended as DIY projects. In addition, these connections require proper procedures and installation must be built according to code. Instead, hire a professional electrician to install anew outlet where you need it. Your expert electrician will be able to discuss your options with you, and will provide the information you need to choose the best and most affordable route to take for installation.While professional installation of outlets can cost you anywhere between $200-300 each, installing more at once will help the price to go down. Needless to say, the higher price you’ll pay will ensure that your outlet is safe and won’t cause damage to your home down the road—which could end up costing you much more.

Additional Light Fixture Installations

If you’re wanting additional lighting in areas of your home, you can have a new light fixture installed where you need one. As with additional electrical outlets, light fixtures are another installation that shouldn’t be handled by amateurs. The wiring that goes behind a light fixture can be extensive and complicated, and your new installation could require an additional wiring configuration in order to work properly. A trusted electrician can offer the best advice for installation of a new light fixture—including recessed lights for affordability and low-stress installation. However, traditional light fixture installations could require extra electrical work, costing you anywhere between $1000 and $2000 per installation—depending on the existing wiring configuration and other factors.

Electrical Panel Replacements and Installation

As your home gets older and your appliances and electrical devices get newer, your wiring panel might begin struggling to keep up. In this case, or if your electrical panel has blown out completely and no longer works, replacing it with a new one is likely to be on the agenda. Replacing an old and ineffective wiring panel or installing a brand-new one in a new home construction is not a task you’ll want to take on by yourself. This is a project that can take days or even weeks to complete—andwill require an evaluation and approval from a licensed building authority in your city or town for safety.

Broken Light Switch Repairs

Whether you have a traditional toggle, push-button, dimmer, or another kind of switch in your home, fixing it safely and effectively will require the assistance of a licensed electrician. As small of a problem as it may seem, a broken switch can mean problems with wiring and other electrical issues that could put your safety at risk if you’re trying to fix it yourself. A reputable a professional electrician can help you take care of the issue quickly and effectively, promoting the safety and security of your household in the process. While more modern light switches will cost more to fix than a traditional, toggle-style light switch, fixing a broken switch shouldn’t cost you more than $50-$150.

Reliable Electrical Services in Miami

For the most affordable and professional electrical installation, repair, and replacement services in South Florida, Miami Electric Masters has you covered. The complete satisfaction of our customers is extremely important to us, and is part of the reason why we’re one of the highest rated electrical services company in Miami and the surrounding areas. If you’d like more information on solving your household or commercial electrical issues in South Florida, give us a call now to speak with a Fort Lauderdale electrician from our team. You can also fill out one of our easy online forms to request a free, in-home or on-site estimate and consultation from a qualified Miami electrician.