Can you imagine yourself living a life without the convenience of electricity in your homeIt’ safe to say that electricity is one of the most important services that affect the quality of our lives—and also one that many of us take for granted.

Our electrical systems are responsible for keeping us comfortable throughout the year, providing us with access to entertainment, keeping our food warm, and so much more. However, the luxury of incorporating the use of electricity does come with its fair share of risksAccording to the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments in the United States attended an annual average of 47,820 home fires between 2007 and 2011. All of these reported cases started with faulty electrical system, which is one of the leading causes of property damage in the nation.

Keeping our homes and our families as safe and protected as possible should always be a homeowner’s first priority. In this article, Miami Electric Masters will share some electrical safety tips for avoiding some of the most common and dangerous electrical issues, so that you can safely enjoy the comfort and convenience of your life at home.

1. Perform an Annual Safety Inspection

Through an annual electrical safety inspection, you will be able to ensure that your electrical panel can still handle the electrical load of your new appliances and devices. This can also give you a chance to spot areas in your electrical system that requires repair or replacement. At Miami Electric Masters, we’ll make sure your home is 100% safe and issue-free. We’ll also deliver a personalized report with tips on how you can improve your home’s energy efficiency and save on monthly electrical costs with important upgrades, or by making some simple changes to your energy usage.

2. Understand Your Electrical Panel and Breakers

Breakers should trip when your electrical system experiences circuit overload. This happens when too many devices or appliances are connected to the same circuit, and the breakers cut electric power to avoid exceeding the limit. Make sure that you understand your electrical panel and breakers well enough to know if it is malfunctioning or something’s not right.

3. Keep a Fire Extinguisher at Home

The best way to put out a possible electrical fire is by using a fire extinguisher as water conducts electricity and it doesn’t help. If possible, keep at least one fire extinguisher on each level of your home.

4. Feel Your Electric Outlets

Your outlets should not be warm to touch. Check the temperature of your outlets to evaluate your home for potential problems including melting wires, the electrical overload, or loose/faulty wiring. If possible, replace two-pronged outlets with more modern three-pronged outlets, which can be safer.

5. Be Mindful of the Lights

The frequent flickering of the lights could mean that your electrical panel may need repair or there is something else wrong with the electrical system. Don’t ignore this especially if the flickering of lights happens when you plug in a certain appliance. Instead, call Miami Electric Masters or another reliable electrician services company to have it inspected, diagnosed, and resolved as soon as you can.

6. Ground Older Appliances

To avoid electrical shocks, ensure that your older appliances are grounded. As we mentioned earlier, three-pronged plugs can be safer than two-pronged outlets, because appliances can connect more securely to a grounded outlet.

7. Avoid Overloading Your Outlets

Each outlet has a limited capacity and plugging in too many devices can lead to circuit overload. When an overload occurs, serious problems such as a house fire may occur. 

8. Limit Your Use of Extension Cords

Not only can it trip up other circuits in other areas of your home, but breakers may not be able to detect a circuit overload when the devices are plugged in through an extension cord. This means the circuit breaker will not be able to effectively perform an emergency shutoff in the event of a circuit overload, which could be quite dangerous. Instead of using extension cords, have Miami Electric Masters install additional outlets closer to where you need them.

9. Make Sure Your Electrical Devices or Outlets are Far Away from water

It’s common knowledge that electricity and water don’t mix. In fact, most people know that you should never use an electrical device that’s plugged into an outlet near a body of water, such as a shower, a bathtub, or a sink to avoid the risk of electrocution and death. Make sure that your electrical devices and outlets are kept far away from water to avoid injuries and possible damages to your home.

10. Keep Small Children Away From Outlets or Whatever Part of the Electrical System.

Small children can be very curious and can run into danger if your home isn’t properly child-proofedIf you have small children, prevent injuries and fatal accidents by covering outlets with safety caps and other child-safe products.

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As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your home’s electrical system is functioning the way it should. If you are looking for a reliable company that provides electrical safety inspection and other electrical repair services, contact Miami Electric Masters today.

Some of the benefits of working with us include:

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