As obvious as it may be, it’s important to remember that a home’s electrical system isn’t just a bunch of random wires. Instead, it’s a complex system designed to provide the electric power that we depend on for living comfortably and functionally inside our homes.  When that system is placed u...

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Hairdryers are an essential tool used on a daily basis in households across the United States. In today’s world, there are many electrical conveniences that can cause a circuit breaker to trip. But, hairdryers seem to be the culprit most of the time. Homeowners often wonder if it is the hairdryer or...

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Circuit breakers that trip and don’t turn back on or reset is a common issue in households. The circuit breaker is created to measure amperage and limit the current when necessary. This means a breaker will suddenly trip when a high flow of current is present. This is also known as a short circuit....

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