Miami Generator Rental

Miami business owners know that expecting the unexpected is a must, especially during hurricane season. Whether you’re running a facility or building, a backup generator is a wise choice– and Miami Electric Masters has the emergency generator rental you need to keep business moving. Our Miami generator rental solutions give you premium power solutions with a low up-front cost and the long-term security of maintenance by professional technicians. With a variety of options for emergency and event generator rental, we can efficiently power your space, no matter what happens.

Emergency Generator Rental

If you’re a commercial property owner, a tropical storm or neighboring construction can easily ruin your ability to do business, damage your inventory or disrupt your commercial tenants. Owning a generator is great when it comes to powering your business, but it does have drawbacks. A generator that hasn’t been used in several years may not power your commercial property when you need it most. Avoid the hassle and rent temporary generator options from our trusted local electricians. Our generator rentals offer high-quality power solutions for whatever comes your way, featuring benefits like:

  • Low Up-Front Cost: Owning your own commercial generator can be costly, and improper or extended storage can cause unexpected malfunctions. Our generators are regularly maintained and tested for performance.
  • Maintenance and Repair: Our professional electricians are here to help you address any potential problems with your rental.
  • Fast Emergency Response: We provide a quick response to customers in need, so you can get back on track after a power outage. Our trucks are on the road 24/7, because your power is our priority.
  • Installation: We can quickly install your generator to power part or all of your building.
  • Wattage Variety: We’ll help you decide on the right wattage and capacity for your building’s needs.

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If you’re interested in our emergency generator rental services, give Miami Electric Masters a call to learn more. You can also request a free consultation and estimate by filling out our online quote form.

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