Lightning Protection Systems

Florida consistently experiences more lightning storms than any other state in the United States, making lightning protection a must for local facilities. Miami Electric Masters is dedicated to improving the safety of properties throughout Miami-Dade County, offering quality lightning protection systems to our commercial clients. Our lightning protection installations feature industry-leading materials and techniques that maintain the safety of your commercial facility through any storm. Lightning is a serious threat to the integrity of your property, but we have all the Miami lightning protector designs you need to mitigate your risk and protect your building.

Essential Features of a Commercial Lightning Protection System

Every building poses unique risk factors for lightning strikes, and every protection system varies depending on the structure and roofing system of your property. Our lightning protection installations are customized to safely redirect lightning strikes to a ground, thereby protecting the structure and electrical system from potential cracks and electrical fires. This may be a great way to reduce insurance costs, increase your property value and secure your place of business. Some core components of a quality lightning protection installations include:

  • Air Terminals and Lightning Rods: Located on rooftops or upper ledges, these terminals capture and redirect lightning.
  • Main Conductors: Your main conductors run electrical discharge from the terminal to a safe ground.
  • Ground Terminations: Your ground terminators safely neutralize electrical currents.
  • Bonding Connections: Bonding connections link your system together and maintain a durable hold throughout.
  • Lightning Arrestors: Arrestors protect your building’s wiring from damage during an electrical storm.
  • Surge Suppression: In the event of an energy spike, surge suppressors prevent damage to the electrical components of your property.

And more!

Professionally Installed Miami Lightning Protection

Make a decision today to protect your building from a potential threat tomorrow. Don’t let lightning hinder the safety of your facility, office or building. Our commercial electricians will work with you to determine the ideal lightning protection solutions for your space, so you can stay safe and up-to-code.

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