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Coral Gables Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is a exciting way to enhance your property. Miami Electric Masters offers expert landscape electrical solutions around Coral Gables and SE Florida. 

Our pro electrical contractors in Coral Gables have the skills to efficiently elevate the safety and allure of your property. 

Our electricians are committed to providing you a quality, budget-friendly experience!

Why select Miami Electric Masters for outdoor lighting solutions in Coral Gables

Choosing a landscape lighting contractor has a tendency to be overwhelming, but that’s why Miami Electric Masters is transparent pertaining to the many pros of partnering with us. 

Homeowners can look forward to receiving  electrical services that are alluring and licensed installations, as well as being honestly priced.


Newly installed outdoor lights will accentuate the look of your landscape. Step back and enjoy the view of your home and landscape from dusk til dawn.

Security & Peace of Mind

Adding some much needed light to your home and property is a trusted manner to startle intruders and wildlife. In addition to that, exterior lighting alongside your walkways and steps make sure that you navigate your exterior without tripping.


Outdoor lights make the ideal ambiance for recreation and social gatherings. The Coral Gables professional electricians from Miami Electric Masters can finish electrical installations around pools, decks, and outdoor kitchens.

Solid Return on Investment

Professionally installed landscape lighting is a reliable way to augment your property value. Quality lighting draws attention to your house’s lovely features and landscaping.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions Personalized To Your Budget and Style 

When it comes to outdoor lighting, our staff will plan for your landscape, your project budget, and your safety while planning your exterior lighting installation in Coral Gables. 

Contact our team at 305-378-4011 to schedule exterior lighting installation in Coral Gables!

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