How Do Surge Protectors Work?


The blog provides an explanation of how surge protectors work to safeguard electrical devices. It explains that surge protectors are designed to divert excess voltage from power surges, protecting connected devices from potential damage. The blog emphasizes that surge protectors utilize components such as metal oxide varistors (MOVs) to absorb and redirect the excess electrical energy, providing a reliable defense against voltage spikes.
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How Do Surge Protectors Work?

When a home or business owner in Miami thinks about protecting their electronics from lightning, they might not realize that they need more than just a surge protector. They need a whole home or business surge protection system installed by a licensed electrician. Here’s how it works.

Surge Protectors

When lightning hits, it sends a surge of electrical energy through the power lines. This surge can damage or destroy electronic equipment. Whole home or business surge protection system protects your electronics by absorbing the surge of energy and redirecting it to the ground.

Surge Diverter

The system starts with a surge diverter, which is installed near the main electrical panel. The surge diverter is connected to a grounding rod, which is driven into the ground. When a surge of electrical energy comes through the power lines, the surge diverter diverts the surge to the grounding rod. The rod then dissipates the surge of energy into the ground.

Surge Suppressors

Whole home or business surge protection system also includes surge suppressors. Surge suppressors are installed at each point where electronics are plugged into the power lines. They work by absorbing the surge of energy and keeping it from damaging the electronic equipment.

Surge suppressors come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are designed for specific types of electronic equipment, such as computers or TVs. Others are designed for general use and can be used with any type of electronic equipment.

Call Miami Electric Masters for Surge Protector Installation Today

Installing a whole home or business surge protection system is the best way to protect your electronics from lightning. But even if you have a system in place, it’s a good idea to unplug your electronics during a thunderstorm. That way, if there is a surge of electrical energy, the system will be working to protect your electronics.

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