One of the biggest benefits of owning your own home is being able to renovate and update as you please. Of course, this can also mean homeowners take on too much with projects that are outside their skill set.


If you have electrical work in mind for the home, you might be wondering if you can do the work yourself or if you’ll need a local Miami electrician.

When You Need to Call a Professional Miami Electrician

The electricity used to power your lights and appliances can be a hazardous thing to work with whether you are an experienced professional or not. Those who aren’t certified to provide electrical services will be at an increased risk of electrocution or poor workmanship that results in shocks, smoking, or fire.

Even those who have some experience in home electrical projects will want to call on a professional Miami electrician for complex projects, like:

  • Rewiring the home
  • Installing a new circuit breaker
  • Installing a dedicated circuit
  • Installing outlets, like a GFCI outlet

Electrical Projects You Can DIY

We all know that you want to sink your teeth into a project sooner rather than later. There are plenty of things you can still work on as long as you are careful. These DIY friendly, electrical projects include:

  • Replacing Light Fixtures
  • Installing Smart Home Technology
  • Installing Fire Alarms

If the project involves installing a piece of equipment that only needs to connect to the house’s electrical power, you may be able to do it alone. However, the results will depend on whether the rest of the electrical work is finished by a professional Miami electrician. This can involve replacing a lamp and finding that the wiring isn’t in place or in good condition. You’ll have a much harder time rewiring a home to avoid damage from fire and water.

Do you have an electrical project that requires the skills of a professional in Miami? An electrician from Miami Electric Masters can take care of it for you. Just give us a call or fill out our online form to get started with a free electrical inspection and quote today.