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Hurricane Prep Pack

Before hurricane season rolls around, Miami homeowners are smart to prepare for the possibility of widespread blackouts, damaged power lines, and interrupted electrical service. Even when we manage to escape the worst of it, lingering electrical problems can continue to disrupt normal life for days or even weeks after the storm!

This year, make sure that your family is ready for anything by contacting Miami Electric Masters. We offer expert electrical preps for hurricane season—ensuring that your home stays operational and your family stays safe, no matter how many times the power goes out.

We’re a local, licensed Miami electrician with a passion for excellence, and our hurricane prep solutions include:

  • Portable Generators
  • Surge Protectors
  • Grounding Rods

Portable Generators

When preparing for a hurricane in Miami, a portable generator—one that’s sized appropriately for the electrical load—is an absolute must-have for every local family. When a blackout hits, your portable generator can keep your most important electronics running, such as critical medical equipment, fridges and freezers, and charging ports for phones and laptops.

At Miami Electric Masters, we offer a wide array of portable generators and can help you choose the right wattage for your family’s typical usage requirements. We offer everything from basic models to higher-end devices with wireless remotes and more.

Surge Protectors

Surge protectors are equally important for Miami homeowners, as they can protect valuable appliances from unpredictable electrical surges that are common under severe storm conditions. With a surge protection system installed, you won’t have to worry about damaged or destroyed electronics—taking one more load off your shoulders during the stress of hurricane season!

A surge protector installation is very affordable yet can prevent thousands of dollars of property loss. We’ll provide a free itemized quote, so you’ll know just how much you’re spending—and how much you stand to save.

Grounding Rods

Proper electrical grounding of your Miami home is important at all times, but it can be especially critical during a hurricane, where high winds often knock over power lines or send electrical surges through your home. A well-grounded system will be much more resilient to these power supply variations, reducing the potential for electrical fire or total system failure.

As part of our electrical preps for hurricane season, Miami Electric Masters can:

  • Inspect Your Current Grounding Rods for Damage
  • Test the Ground Conditions for Proper Resistance
  • Replace Outdated, Damaged, or Poorly Installed Rods 
On our skilled and customer-focused team, every Miami electrician is properly licensed, certified, and trained for any kind of electrical issue! We can help you prepare for a hurricane ahead of time, or we can be there to respond quickly to post-storm electrical damage 24/7. Simply give Miami Electric Masters a call today to learn more, or fill out our online form to grab your free, no-pressure quote for our hurricane prep packs.

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