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It may be tempting to DIY an electrical installation, but this is a project best left to the professionals! Whether you want to install a new wall outlet or connect a carbon monoxide detector to your home's wiring, Miami Electric Masters can do the job properly and safely every time.

We have the training and certification to complete wiring installation and upgrades without getting shocked. Our local West Miami team can also identify when wiring replacement is needed for an old, outdated system. Afterall, a new light or appliance isn't going to work when connected to faulty electricals! We'll manage challenges of installation projects to ensure you get the result you expect.

Installation of Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors 

At Miami Electric Masters, your safety is paramount, which is why we also offer hardwired CO2 and smoke detectors replacement services. Unlike the traditional carbon monoxide and smoke alarms that use batteries, these devices are connected directly to your electrical grid. They are always charged and ready to detect the first hint of danger.

When you hire our West Miami electricians for fire alarm and carbon monoxide installation services, you'll get a great product from a reliable brand. We offer many excellent features too:

  • Combination alarms that detect both smoke and carbon monoxide are available
  • A back up battery in each smoke detector/carbon monoxide replacement that lasts 10 years
  • A voice alarm that audibly speaks to you rather than making annoying beeping sounds
  • CO2 and smoke detectors installation that is backed by our two year workmanship warranty
  • Upfront, fair, and complimentary prices for installation and replacement services

If you are thinking about replacing your smoke alarm with something more reliable, or just want some rewiring done in the house, give us a call. You can have a professional from Miami Master Electricians come out to do the work quickly and without any mistakes. Consider filling out our online form to ask about a free price estimate for any of our West Miami electrical services today.

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